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Baina x Binu Binu Gift Set
비누 비누 x 바이나 수건과 비누 세트
1 hand towel; 2 x 4 oz soaps

In the spirit of communal bathing, we have teamed up with our friends at Baina to create this special edition gift set.

The Antipodean towelling brand's playful checkerboard pattern Josephine Towel is reimagined in a colour combo based on our Ae Gi Super Mild Soap + Haenyeo Sea Woman Soap, offered together in this gift set to create the ultimate sink-side pairing that ties together each brand’s unique vision of modern bathing into this special collaborative project.

Care Instructions

Wash towels separately through a cold or low temperature cycle (40 degrees).

Use natural detergent to protect the integrity of the towel and avoid using softeners or oxidising/chlorine based bleaching agents.

Line dry in shade. For optimal softness, we recommend a tumble dry on low heat.

Do not dry clean.

If a loop gets caught and snags, avoid pulling the thread as this may cause further damage. We recommend cutting the thread at the base of the towel.

We advise caution when using any cosmetics or skincare as some products contain chemicals that may cause discolouration.

BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated towelling, founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels are designed to elevate your daily bathing routine.

BAINA takes a modern approach to traditional towelling. While harnessing simplicity in design, BAINA experiments with texture and colour to create form. BAINA elevates an every-day object with the intention to subtly disrupt the neutrality of the bathroom space.

Ever inspired by fashion, art, sculpture and architecture, BAINA is an extension of one’s personal aesthetic.

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