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Cannabis Perilla Candle
대마초 깻잎 양초
9.8 oz

A scent inspired by the leafy green calm of Cannabis* and invigorating freshness of Perilla.

Scent Notes: Patchouli, smoke, mint leaf, pepper.

Stainless steel vessel with lid; inspired by traditional silver or brassware lidded bowls and ritual reliquary.

Hand-poured in Canada using premium essential oil fragrances and eco-soy wax; cotton, lead-free wick.

*Does not contain any cannabis or THC, only denotes an olfactory description.

Ingredients & Materials

Non-GMO eco-soy wax Cotton, lead-free wicks Phthalate-free Vegan Do not contain herbicides nor pesticides Are not tested on animals nor use any animal by products Scented with essentials oils; all fragrances meet industry guidelines set by IFRA and RIFM and are Prop 65 compliant

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