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Seoye Ink Incense
서예 먹향 인센스스틱
20g; approximately 50 sticks

A scent inspired by Seoye 서예 Korean calligraphy, also known as Seoye, is the Korean tradition of artistic writing. Four main tools are required for the practice of calligraphy—paper, brush, ink stick, and inkstone.Seoye ?, the art of Korean calligraphy. Evocative of a ground ink stick made traditionally from Pine 소나무 Solgaji, or pine branch, is used in Korean folk religion to chase away impurities and to cleanse a given space.pine ? soot and herbs, signalling the start of the ritual of aesthetic creation.

To burn as a start to any creative pursuit. 


From our collection of fine, artisanal incense.


Wood powder; fragrant oils

A scent evocative of the traditional mixture of incense herbs and wood charcoal used to prepare an ink stick for calligraphic use.

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