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Roof Tile Curve Incense Holder - Clay
미소기와 향꽂이
5.5" x 1.5"

Curved ceramic incense holder designed as a modern interpretation of traditional Korean roof tile forms.

Manufacturing support by Tajimi Custom Tiles, a bespoke tile manufacturer catering to global architects and designers, located in Gifu, Japan.

Designed to be used with any scent from our collection of fine, artisanal incense.

Color: CLAY; a neutral, brown-flecked beige glaze with a high-shine finish. Reminiscent of Buncheong-style Korean ceramics. Bottom of tile is a contrasting, raw, unglazed clay.

A collection inspired by traditional Korean roof tiles. One style is a decorative roof tile end, and the other is the complementary curved roof tile. Together, they represent the distinct shapes that have provided cover to houses, temples, and various public spaces in East Asia for thousands of years.

This collection speaks to the architecture of public bathhouses and residential bathrooms through the use of the tile form; an individual tile turns into an object that references a history of public and private spaces, both traditional and present-day.


Clay. Made in Japan.

Tajimi Custom Tiles is a Japanese manufacturer of the highest quality tiles beloved by global designers and architects for their exceptionally distinct colors and textures that embody the region's renowned, perfectly imperfect tile aesthetics.

Tajimi tile makers are versed in a variety of techniques for production, glazing and firing. The resulting Tajimi tiles are characterised by a warm, hand-made look. Their slight irregularities in colour and texture are distinctive, and valued as embodiments of Japanese aesthetics.

The fluctuating firing temperature and long firing times of these kilns, result in variations in colour among the same tiles, giving them their representative, vivid appearance.

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